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Stardrift Nomads Patch 1.0.0

Postby rlaplume » Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:20 am

Here is the patch notes for 1.0.0 This patch is now LIVE!

Stardrift Nomads is now LIVE! Game has been release and here is all the patches we got in for the launch!


-Level 15 is now a bit longer and has more enemies supporting the boss


-Mini map colors for other players are now different.
-Radiation field random event now displays an effect over the colony.
-Clamp should now work properly in multiplayer
-A new cross hair pointer has been added for mouse using players [Community Request]
-Fix the weapon damage scaling on flak weapons
-Phoenix (Passive) Now has a 6s delay from 3s.
-Pirate Colony Boss now spawn units slightly faster per stage.


-Bomber Ships now have a new look and effect
-New rocket models
-Fix engine art on all enemies
-Achievement Icons are no longer upside down
-Change the model on the artillery bullets
-Updated the texture on the mechanics towers
-New tower icons in the building menu.
-New Loading screen!


-Fix boss music for client side players
-Enemy Reference Page on the Main menu now has References!
-New music!
-Disabler's blast bug fix
-Boss theme music
-Clamp can no longer throw enemies along the Z axis making them drop unattainable scrap peices
-Fix Typos
-Static event bug fix [Community Bug Report]
-Shrunk the Accolades/Demerit titles to better fix the page.

See you all next time!
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