Beta Patch Notes 0.4.3

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Beta Patch Notes 0.4.3

Postby rlaplume » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:27 am

Hey everyone!

Here is the patch notes for 0.4.3 This patch is now LIVE!

Been a busy week. New patches have been flying out the door in preparation for launch.

Here is a list of all the things that have changed!


-Bosses now all have voice intro for when they appear.
-Scrap Asteroid will now stop when the game is paused in single player [Community Bug]


-Patient (Passive) Now activate after 1 second when you stop moving rather then 5 seconds.
-Mothership (Boss) Now has a new weapon and stronger shields. Careful flying in front of it now :)
-Rocketeers now shoot actual rockets!
-Updated the balance of multiplayer. Now players can expect more enemies then before when playing with others. The more players you have, the bigger the change.
-Bigger asteroids will now spawn a bit sooner then before in survival.
-Clamp should now work properly when using it as a client in multiplayer.


-Brighten the highlighted selection box on skills/gear
-Heat seeking missiles have new art
-New slash animation for the Mechanic when using the Slash ability
-Player ships will start to show signs of damage when enough damage is taken.
-New particle effect for the disabler's ship
-Updated some muzzle flashes and particles for towers
-New texture for the rammer and disabler
-Ion Cannon's projectile has had an model update
-Fix the color of scrap on the mini map (Only when using the radar cargo bay)
-Boss explosions are a bit more worthy now.
-Visual effects changed for the scavengers traps.
-Scrap asteroid now has a new look. Also will rotate as it floats through space.
-Updated visual on a few different skills.
-Camera will no longer snap when moving between menu in the main menu [Community Bug]


-Scroll Bar on the main menu now works properly with the mouse wheel
-All Achievements have been added to the game
-Fix some bugs when players leave a players lobby.
-More player info on the stats page
-Enemy reference guide is now in! Players must not kill a certain enemy X amount of times before unlocking some information on the enemy. No text has been added yet but should come in the next few updates!

Want to play with other Beta Testers? Join everyone here at

See you all next time!
Ryan LaPlume
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