Beta Patch Notes 0.3.8

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Beta Patch Notes 0.3.8

Postby rlaplume » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:22 am

Hey everyone!

Here is the patch notes for 0.3.8 This patch is now LIVE!

This patch we are finishing up the last art pieces and getting ready for launch!


-Objectives have been rebalance for more of a challenge.
-The Star Map for Campaign level select has been added.
- Updated level descriptions for each level
- Levels have been LOCKED. You now must complete the levels in sequence from 1-15


-Weapon: Shotgun- Now fires 5 bullets with each upgrade increasing the bullet count by 1.
-Weapon: Machine Gun- Now alternates between barrels as it shoots. Upgrades increase the RoF rather then damage.
-Damage Seal (Active): Reduce the amount of bullets it fired as well as a slight damage decrease.
-Bloodlust (Passive): Duration increased from 3 to 5
-Battle Ready(Passive): Healing increased from 5% to 20%
-Patch (Passive): Healing increased from 1% to 5%
-Patient (Passive): Healing increased from 1% to 10%
-Hard Work (Passive): now correctly increases repair time by 25%
-Mothership Boss has a major health increase
-Pirate Colony Boss now has slightly increased health as well as towers and walls
-Evil Ace (Radiation Skill): Has been greatly reduce to normal levels.
-Lightspeed now grants bullet immunity


-New enemy boss models
-New Skin crate look
-Updated damage particles for each class
-New Evil Ship models
-Redone all weapon upgrade models. Each Tier of weapon should have a unique looking projectile
-Added more Stilts animations


-Fix the UI Resolution bug
-Updated tons of old/dated text in the game
-Removed Beta testing Buttons from UI
-Fix the infinite building effect on Ion Towers
-Added more stability to launching multiplayer games

Want to play with other Beta Testers? Join everyone here at

See you all next time!
Ryan LaPlume
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