Beta Patch Notes 0.3.7

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Beta Patch Notes 0.3.7

Postby rlaplume » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:11 am

Hey everyone!

Here is the patch notes for 0.3.7 This patch is now LIVE!

This patch we focus on multiplayer issues.


-The Pirate Colony boss will now appear on the radar.


-Cargo Seal (Active) Deals more damage per scrap piece in the ship's cargo.
-Cargo Seal (Active) Now shoots out scrap pieces rather then an asteroid.
-Sunder will only push the targets half as far.
-Having equipment that reduces the cost to towers equip will no longer instantly repair.
-Mass Repair will now fully heal all allies and towers in the game and grant a shield to players.
-Lightspeed ability now has better collision detection.


-Updated the graphics on the colony ship


-Party host will now have to wait for everyone to select ready before starting a game
-The Party UI now only appears when there is actually a party.
-Reach ability will no longer spawn another mechanic ship in the background.
-Only the host now can change the survival settings.
-Players can now start a game when an invited player is still pending.
-Players no longer need to reform the party after every game.

Want to play with other Beta Testers? Join everyone here at

See you all next time!
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