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Stardrift Nomads Patch 1.1.0

Postby rlaplume » Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:30 pm

Here is the patch notes for 1.1.0 This patch is now LIVE!

This patch introduces a ton of new content for the game!

New Mode: Stockpile!

-Players will defend against an endless assault of pirates and asteroids while the colony builds pylons. Players will need to build up enough energy to escape the pirates before they are overrun!
-Stockpile mode will adjust difficulty depending on the party size!
-Pirates will build their own towers on any destroyed pylon they find to keep the player out!
-The amount of pylons the colony produces depends on the amount of players!
-Wave timers are no more in this mode! Pirates and asteroids will come at you non stop so gather that energy fast before they overwhelm you!

New Enemies: Mini Bosses

- Every type of ship will now have a chance to spawn a mini boss version of itself.
- Mini bosses will be equip with different abilities from a barrage of homing missile, reflective shields or, teleporting!
- Mini bosses will have unique looking ships that are much bigger then the average ship!

New Boss: The Behemoth

- The Behemoth is a massive ship that will slowly fly towards the colony and will slam into it if not destroyed in time!
- The Behemoth comes in 5 stages! After he loses a certain percent of his health, he'll drop some of his armor to gain a new ability and more speed!


- Mechanic's Reach skill will no longer leave targets permanently stun
- Time Warp cooldown slightly increased
- EXP rewards for certain enemy kills have been rebalanced


- Text messages will now pop up at the end of the wave so players aren't fighting and reading at the same time [Community Request]
- Starting levels will now have slightly less enemies spawning in.


- A new skin crate has been added into the mix!
- New crate will contain 13 new skins!


- Clamp will no longer throw enemies on the Z axis if the player is turning.
- Fix some loading issues for Linux players (Black Screen Bug)
- Enemies exploding sound has been ramp up to hearing levels!
- Projectiles are now calculated on the client side for Multiplayer [Community Request]
- UI added to show the tower button [Community Request]

See you all next time!
Ryan LaPlume
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