Risen Games

Risen Games is an indie game studio in the greater Boston area founded in 2013. Our goal is to make original and addicting games without distracting ads or micro-transactions. In a time when many studios in the Boston area are shutting down, we intend to rise from the ashes.

The Team


Adam Pastorello

Over his entire life, Adam's dream was alway the same: to create his own game studio. In order to make this dream come true, he spent all of his school years learning every aspect of video game creation. After only 2 years of working in the industry, he decided it was time to make his dream a reality. Adam put together Risen Games and a team to make their first title.


Riley Brown

Ever since he was a lad of six Riley has been making games… in his head. When it finally came time to go to college and choose a career, he decided to go with what he’s always loved. In 2013 Riley joined forces with Adam to start Risen and work on games he could be proud of.


Isaiah Gjeltema

Adam and Riley found Isaiah in a basket at the front door of Risen Games shortly after production on the first title began. They quickly named him Tim and put him to work making music for all their ideas.


Ryan LaPlume

Ryan worked with Adam and Riley for a less than a year, but he knew they were going places. After being a scape goat for everything for too long, Ryan joined the team as Lead level designer.